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Many changes in Dutch coalition agreement for entrepreneurs


The new coalition agreement between VVD, CDA, D66 and CU seems to be favorable for entrepreneurs. The agreement starts with the phrase that ‘entrepreneurs are of inestimable value for the country’ and that they are the ‘engine of our economy’. The agreement also stresses that jobs and prosperity in our country are the result of innovative start-ups, family businesses, global […]

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Ever had difficulties with concentrating on your (school) work? Two students from Utrecht invented Study Buddy: a start-up with products that boost your concentration level. The ingredients in the supplements are all natural, proven to make your focus much better. Wimme, one of the co-founders of Study Buddy, always looked for ways to improve his study skills. He always wondered how […]

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How to let regions prosper


Yesterday I was speaking at the 13th Annual OECD LEED Forum in Prague on ‘Resilient and Diversified Local Economies’, or in more old fashioned academic terms: structural economic change and productivity. It was good to be in the country of Vaclav Havel and Joseph Schumpeter (yes, he was born in Triesch – Moravia, current day Czech Republic). Both great thinkers […]

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Institutional Effectuation

Last week, I attended a conference in Dar es Salaam on institutional design for economic development. The conference was organized by REPOA, one of the leading think tanks of Sub Sahara Africa. Since John Magufuli rules Tanzania with a bombardement of institutional reforms, the effects of institutional reform has become very actual in the streets of Dar and beyond. Most […]

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Terugblik Crossover Challenge 2016

Afgelopen 2 juni was de finale van Crossover Challenge, een initiatief van Entrepreneurship @HU. De Crossover Challenge is een businesscasewedstrijd waarbij het niet alleen draait om geld verdienen, wat te besteden is aan de realisering van het opgezette bedrijf, maar ook het creëren van maatschappelijke impact. Tijdens deze wedstrijd hebben de teams bijna een half jaar gewerkt aan het ontwikkelen […]

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