Seminar Course Academic Entrepreneurship

Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship together with Utrecht Holdings is offering a half-day seminar course in Academic Entrepreneurship. The target audience is academic and applied researchers, including PhD students who are orientating to commercialise their research. Such commercialisation may be within the current employment relation or as a career move. The program consists of three workshops, in which researchers reflect on the commercial opportunities of their current research. The training is provided in English, unless the full group is Dutch.

The Program

13.00: Joint Lunch and personal introductions.

13.30-14.15: Intrapreneurship in the Public Sector.

The seminar analyzes the key issues involved of commercializing research from within public organizations. The issues include preserving academic integrity, combatting bureaucracy, contractual challenges including IP, and organising commercial activities from within the public sector environment.

14.15-15.15: Workshop Research Commercialisation.

This workshop introduces the main tool for the commercialization of research and provides an introduction in the entrepreneurial finance landscape on how to fund commercial ventures. The outcome of the workshop is a demo commercial slides deck for potential angel investors.

15.30-16.30: Workshop Lean Launchpad.

Ideas should be tested using customer development. The Lean Launchpad has come out as the dominant method of testing the commercial potential of innovative ideas. As a research tool, in is naturally appealing to academic researchers to investigate the potential of their ideas.

16.30-17.00: What is Next?

This short seminar introduces the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Utrecht University and the Utrecht Science Park, including academic support and incubation opportunities.

17.00-18.00 Network Drinks.


Prof. dr. Erik Stam, Professor of Organisation, Management, and Entrepreneurship, Utrecht University.
Dr. Hein Roelfsema,Director Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship, Utrecht University.
Robert de Bruijn, Lean Launchpad Expert, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.
Jan Vos van Marken, Director Knowledge Transfer, Utrecht University.
Mirko Lukacs, Business Developer, Utrecht University.

Prices and Booking

The course can be booked individually on the announced training days (see the events calendar of Utrecht University). In addition, the seminar course can be booked (and customized) for academic groups, faculties and departments. The group maximum is 15 participants. The fees (including lunch and drinks):

Individual (Utrecht University) €100
Individual (outside Utrecht University) €150
PhD (all) €75
Group (max 15) €1000

Ordering within Utrecht University may be cleared using WBS transfer.

Further information

Hein Roelfsema,