Business Development and Entrepreneurship

This Master’s programme is based on Utrecht University’s world class research in the domain of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the interaction with business strategy and policy practice by U.S.E. staff members and lecturers. It also draws upon the broad international research network of the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship. A strong interaction with the market is especially important for this Master, so several incubators from Utrecht (such as Holland Startup and UtrechtInc) have contributed to the design and implementation of the programme.

New world of business
Our globalised, digital economy and disruptive new technological innovation is creating virtually unlimited opportunities for new ventures. Human creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset are needed to initiate successful new ideas, and develop sustainable new markets and business models that benefit society as well as business. If you are energised by the dynamic possibilities of the rapidly-evolving new world of business, the Utrecht University MSc in Business Development and Entrepreneurship gives you the practical abilities, networks, and strong academic foundations you need.

Content of the Programme
In the Master in Business Development and Entrepreneurship you focus on:

  • venture development, creating the right environment and context for new ventures to thrive;
  • capturing value from innovation;
  • product and service development;
  • entrepreneurial marketing using methods like co-creation with customers and design thinking;
  •  obtaining and managing (venture) capital.

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"In this Master’s programme you get the knowledge and skills to create an environment that empowers the greatest entrepreneurial talent to thrive inside organizations, regions and countries"
Dr. Niels Bosma, Associate Professor

At Utrecht University, entry requirements for a master programme is a connected bachelor education. So, your bachelor diploma determines in which master programme you are eligible to enrol. If you are looking for master programmes with a substantial dose of entrepreneurship, below there are some options. Note, if you do not have the required bachelor background, the programmes in most cases are accessible through a short dedicated pre-master programme.

International Management

Bachelor: Economics & Business Economics

Today, the majority of firms operate internationally, whether that entails limited regional exporting or extensive sales or supply chain operations in foreign markets.  Is the ability to manage complex international operations, while focusing on the well-being of all stakeholders, core to your ambitions and interests? Then the Master’s programme in International Management at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) is for you.

Research Expertise in Utrecht
Based on Utrecht University’s research expertise, this multidisciplinary Master’s gives you  a deep theoretical understanding of the complex interactions at play in international business. While this programme is very practically oriented it teaches you to draw on a firm basis in the theory of economics and business in order to deliver excellent results for an organisation.

Content of the programme
In the Master International Management you will focus on:

  • Effective and ethical management in a complex international environment;
  • The interaction between the economic environment, economic policy, financial markets and financial institutions in an international business context;
  • Corporate social responsibility, ethics and human behaviour, and intercultural sensitivity as key to international management;
  • The role culture and incentives play in the behaviour of individuals, firms and governments;
  • Developing the ability to flexibly adjust to, and effectively operate in, any new international working environment in many different fields and organisations.

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"The optimal preparation for managerial decision making in a global context.” 

Dr. Hein Roelfsema, Associate Professor

Science & Business Management

Bachelor: Natural Science & Medicine

Students chose the Master's programme Science and Business Management at Utrecht University as the best programme in the field in the yearly review 'Beste studies' by Elsevier.

Connecting the world of Science and Business
Companies and institutions need professionals with the skills to manage and market knowledge-intensive products, as well as professionals with a solid understanding of the scientific principles underlying products and processes.Our Master's programme Science and Business Management (SBM) offers you a unique training that will enable you to translate interesting ideas into innovative products.Our degree programme enables graduates of bachelor’s programmes in the life- or natural sciences to combine their passions for science and business. The programme will equip you with the knowledge and tools to identify, manage, and overcome problems that arise in each phase of the innovation process.

Programme Objective
SBM is aimed at students with a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences or Natural Sciences, who are interested in a business career. The first year comprises a science-focused programme, in which you will receive training in a research environment within your area of expertise. A solid understanding of science is essential to bring science-based products to the market. In the SBM programme, you will build on your academic background in science while adding knowledge of business processes and practical skills for commercial settings.

From scientific research to a business internship
Importantly, you will also focus on the strategic value and applicability of scientific research. In the second year you will obtain business management skills and learn about operations management, organization and strategic management, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship and effective communication in a business environment. Read here more about the programme. 

"The business world needs scientists who can communicate with the commercial side"

Frank Verbeeten, Professor of Accounting at Utrecht University

Sustainable Business & Innovation

Bachelor: Geography

Become a sustainability change agent
As part of this two-year Master’s programme in Sustainable Business and Innovation, you will learn about sustainability challenges and the technological and other options that businesses can use to work in a more environmentally and socially friendly manner. By reviewing the academic literature and theory, real-life examples, and business case studies, you will acquire insight into the behaviour of organisations, including processes of organisational change and innovation.

Developing sustainable societies
During your studies, you will learn about topics such as sustainable development, sustainability innovations, life cycle assessment, ecoefficiency and cleaner production, environmental management systems, sustainability reporting, organisational change, and management for sustainability. As a graduate from this programme, you will understand how to help business and organisations in their journey toward making societies more sustainable. The course content is framed by life-cycle thinking, systems thinking, and long-term thinking. If you would like to become a sustainability change agent in positions such as sustainability officer or sustainability director in a business, government agency, or other organisation, this programme offers you the perfect preparation.

Programma Objective
As a student in the Sustainable Business and Innovation Master’s programme, you will:

  • gain the knowledge and skills to engage with businesses and help them become more sustainable
  • acquire an understanding of how to manage a business whilst considering the implications that decisions will have on the environment and societies of today and the future; and
  • learn to connect sustainability with business strategies in order to develop integrative and long-term solutions to environmental and social challenges

This programme is an ideal Master for you if you are a student who wishes to complement a natural science background with knowledge of sustainability social sciences and current business practices. Readhere more about the programme.