Global Entrepreneurship Week Utrecht 2017

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a unique ‘week’, during which 160 countries worldwide unite in a celebration of entrepreneurship. All participants will find their true entrepreneurial self, through events like workshops, lectures, masterclasses, seminars, startup competitions, drinks and networking events. The GEW also offers ambitious young entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs.

This year, the Global Entrepreneurship Week will be held between the 13th and 19th of November. The Netherlands, and especially Utrecht, play an active role by hosting numerous events throughout the week, bringing entrepreneurship closer to everyone who is interested.


  • 10th-11th November (Fri-Sat)Startup24, organised by UtrechtInc Students and Startup 24
    • Experience what it is to be an entrepreneur in a 24 hour event! 100 bachelor students in teams of 5 will participate with great prizes to be won (not a bachelor student? Invite your friends!) Register now for the ticket price of € 15,- (goodies, t-shirt, dinner, breakfast, lunch and drinks included)!
    • Location: Utrecht Central Station (Moreelsepark 65, 3511 EP Utrecht)
    • More info and registration:Startup24 site, Facebook event, Event on GEW 2017 site
  • 13th November (Mon): Local Kickoff Global Entrepreneurship Week, organised by StudentsInc
    • Meet StudentsInc! Every student who wants to be a part of the community or who wants to be the next generation entrepreneur needs to go through the Discovery program. During this event, we provide some literature about entrepreneurship and business models so you can develop the skills you need. But there is more! During the evening you will meet our students, our entrepreneurs and the startups they are running. Walk, talk and get inspired! 
    • Location: StudentsInc at Utrecht Science Park (Daltonlaan 200, 3584 BJ Utrecht)
    • More info and registration: Event on GEW 2017 site
  • 13th-14th November (Mon-Tue): USP Student Challenge Kickoff Event, organised by UtrechtInc Students
    • Are you a student in Utrecht and do you like challenging yourself? Then join us for this awesome event! USP Student Challenge is a cooperative initiative between Utrecht Science Park (USP), Utrecht Holdings, Utrecht Centre for Entrepreneurship (UtrechtCE) and UtrechtInc, organized by UtrechtInc Students, in order to boost student involvement in ground-breaking innovative projects and thus help them gain real life experience. Case owners will also receive multidisciplinary and out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for their innovative ventures.
    • Location: Incubator UtrechtInc (Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht)
    • More info and registration: UtrechtCE website, Facebook event
  • 17th November (Fri): Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning, organised by StudentsInc
    • This Dutch-language event is designed to give you an insight into entrepreneursial secrets in the form of two workshops. There is also a plenary session in the end where participants will have a chance to voice their opinions and discuss various matters. This event closes the Global Entrepreneurship Week of 2017, so don’t miss out!
    • Location: StudentsInc at Utrecht Science Park (Daltonlaan 200, 3584 BJ Utrecht)
    • More info and registration: Event on GEW 2017 site

Of course, there are many more events happening all over the Netherlands, and plenty are still being organised. Keep your eye on this page as well as on the national calendar for more information!