Ever had difficulties with concentrating on your (school) work? Two students from Utrecht invented Study Buddy: a start-up with products that boost your concentration level. The ingredients in the supplements are all natural, proven to make your focus much better. Wimme, one of the co-founders of Study Buddy, always looked for ways to improve his study skills. He always wondered how you can studying the most effectively. Wimme read a lot of scientific articles about this subject, tried the useful tips himself and even gave training courses on this subject. The inspiration for this innovative idea was Limitless – a movie about a 28-year old man who, with the help of a mysterious pill, gains the ability to use the full extent of his brain’s capabilities.

He teamed up with his roommate and together they worked out their business plan. The members of Study Buddy found out that there are a lot of substances that’ll make you work better and longer. The challenge was to find the right producer and to find the correct ratio between all the ingredients. They also spoke to some advisers about their idea. They found an appropriate producer who could supply a small batch of supplements. Subsequently, they build a website and the Study Buddy start-up was born. Their first test product received varying responses: some were positive, other customers noticed little of the intake of the supplement. They used their feedback and adjusted the product. Right now, the fifth version of the capsule is in business.


They also got a lot of help from StudentsInc, an incubator where you can get office space, coaching and help from other students who are interested in entrepreneurship. According to Wimme, StudentsInc provided them individual coaching and a network of investors and entrepreneurs. There are workshops on a regular basis and weekly coaching sessions. They helped Study Buddy to grow into a professional start-up. At this moment, the members of Study Buddy are working on new products for professionals. They’re getting advice from professionals and there’s a high probability that multiple new products will be introduced. Their ultimate goal is to sell their products all over Europe. They want to focus on different target groups and introduce capsules that’ll help you focus on a long-term period. According to Wimme, the success of their start-up is due to their innovative idea and the attention of (social) media it received.

Want to know more about Study Buddy and their capsules? Visit their website! Are you a student and do you have an innovative idea? Visit the StudentsInc website.