On October 12th, Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship was at the Get Connected Event 2017, organized by Economic Board Utrecht. The central subject of this event was ‘Healthy Urban Living’, answering the question on how to implement healthy urban living in daily life. Together with experts on this subject, they discussed how to make Utrecht as green, healthy and smart as possible.

The morning program consisted of different workshops for partners and entrepreneurs. People that were interested could apply for workshops such as Smart Solar Charging, Self-management, Big data: Privacy & Governance and much more. After lunch, experts gave their opinions in a panel discussion on Healthy Urban Living. Some interesting and innovating ideas and solutions on the topic of HUL were introduced afterwards.

A new concept called Consortium BRSW-360 was presented at the Get Connected Event. Four companies (Koninklijke Bammens, Returnity BV, Sodexo and Westerveld) are working together to reduce waste disposal at offices. Instead of using raw materials and throw them away afterwards, offices need to use materials in a circular way. A one-stop-shop way (were offices use the same company for cleaning, catering, transport, et cetera) should be the solution to this problem. Another concept was introduced that afternoon: a digital portal where companies, employees, governments and universities have access to the newest employment information available, called Arbeidsmarktdashboard. For employers, the dashboard can be used to look for talents – for jobseekers to look for jobs or training courses that match their competences. One of the results of Arbeidsmarktdashboard is Digital Competence Hub. The dashboard showed a big deficiency in the ICT industry, therefore Digital Competence Hub wants to bring more children in contact with ICT. Also, in-service training courses and bringing educational offerings and work needs together are ideas to improve the sector. Existing activities will be improved, but also new activities such as hackatons, matching and network events and masterclasses will be organized. Besides, the winners of Smart Mobility Challenge 2017 were announced: Schwung and Buurauto were the lucky ones to win prize money to execute their ideas. Schwung provides insight in cycling flows in a technical innovative and inexpensive way. Buurauto BV use the unused hours of shared electrical cars in neighbourhoods to transport needy residents.

Also, EBU announced a new edition of Healthy Urban Office Challenge. Soon, they’ll provide information on when registration is opened for all offices. The finale will be on the 31st of May 2018. All in all, it was an inspiring event with even more inspiring innovations, solutions and opinions on the subject of Healthy Urban Living.