Are you a professional and do you want to hear innovative pitches and concepts about transportation within the city? On October 19th students from Utrecht University will pitch their initial ideas, concepts, and interventions designed to positively nudge the people of Utrecht to walk further than they would normally do. The goal is to stimulate and help people make smarter, healthier, and safer choices when it comes to transportation within the city. These choices are in everyone’s best interest as they do not only lead to personal benefits but simultaneously transform Utrecht into a more accessible, sustainable, and safe public space.

What’s in it for you?

  • Be the first to hear the innovative pitches from the student teams.
  • Share your experience and expertise and give valuable feedback.
  • Get a chance to speak to the organizers about the power of co-creation as a means for innovation.
  • Speak to colleagues from the fields of Education and Industry, as well as of course the professionals of the future.

During the informal short sessions at this network event where the students will pitch you their ideas, there is plenty of opportunity to meet different organizations from in and around the city of Utrecht and expand your knowledge and network. Please register by sending an e-mail to

The network event will take place in Utrecht City Hall on the 6th floor in rooms V32 and V33, between 4.30-6 pm. The 6th floor is accessible via elevator or escalator. When upstairs, TV screens will provide you with more information. Guests can wait by the screens or go directly to rooms V32/V33.