Ever had problems with finding a study spot at the Utrecht University library in the city centre or at the Uithof? Not anymore! Four international students found a solution, in cooperation with Seats2meet and Social Impact Factory Utrecht. Find out how they started their start-up and how you can book one of the 180 study spots they created!

Four international students – Slava, Masha, Kamila and Maria – noticed a big problem in Utrecht. There are too much students and there is a lack of study spots. Originating from Russia and Kazakhstan, the students also noticed that studying in Holland is very individually based. These two factors led to Time Space: students pay a low amount of money an hour to use a study spot, located in the Social Impact Factory Utrecht. The only thing you pay for is time, the rest is free. The inspiration of their start-up is called Time Café, a Russian concept that allows students to interact, drink coffee and relax together. The four internationals worked out a business plan, approached potential investors and reached out for opportunities. At a conference of the Economic department of University Utrecht they met Ronald van den Hoff, one of the founders of Seats2meet. This organization provides workspaces and wants to connect people based on their knowledge. They teamed up and that marks the beginning of Time Space.

Time Space thinks it’s important that students help each other, connect with each other and learn from each other. To encourage interactive group work, Time Space gives discount to students who will study together. In the future, Time Space also wants to organise events for students and connect students to opportunities.


So, how does it work? If you’re interested in booking a study spot you can book one at This automatically opens an app called ‘Serendipity Machine’, where you can connect with people with the same study, interests and needs.  You can use the study spots at the Social Impact Factory on school days between 4 pm and 10 pm, on weekend days between 9 am and 10 pm. On October 1st, the restaurant opens on the ground floor, where you can drink coffee and eat together. Interested? Book here your first visit for free! They’ll have unlimited free coffee, tea and cookies for you – what are you waiting for?