Are you looking for practical experience at an innovative organization or startup? The Internship Entrepreneurship & Innovation enables students to gain experience in applying and developing academic knowledge in professional practice, to create new value and to discover future career opportunities! Utrecht University aims to be a research and teaching institution that contributes to the economy and society. In order for students to apply their expertise and further develop their knowledge, it is crucial for students to connect to businesses and other organizations.

The student will meet up with coordinator Peter O. van der Meer to check their motivation, the student is responsible for finding a hosting or supporting organization that fits his/her interest best. When the proposal is accepted, you are expected to do an internship for at least two months full-time at the organization or startup.

Curious about other experiences? Here’s how Tyrone and Janneke experienced it!

Tyrone, 3rd year Informaticstyrone2

“I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship, so in my second year of university I decided to apply for the minor Entrepreneurship in Utrecht. That’s where I met Erik van Vulpen, who is one of the workgroup teachers. After meeting with Erik and co-founder Nando I started my internship at their company, Analytics In HR. In my opinion, marketing is a very important aspect of entrepreneurship so I wanted to gain more practical experience on that subject. Analytics In HR is a small company with 6 employees that acts as a catalyst for HR Analytics in general. Through our HR Analytics Academy with online courses for individuals and companies, we help HR professionals and data experts to get started with analytics. I wanted to combine my study with the internship, so that’s why I made the choice to complete the internship in 7 months. I like that it’s very flexible – once a week I’ll meet my colleagues at the office in Rotterdam, but other than that I’m free to work at home. After these 7 months, I got offered a job at Analytics In HR! I even started my own business in fashion with my brother, where I’m also planning to do the marketing. Being my own boss is definitely important for me. I would recommend this internship option for those who are looking for some professional practical experience!”

Janneke, 3rd year Liberal Arts and Sciencesjanneke

“I made the choice to specialize in Sustainable Business & Innovation. During my minor Entrepreneurship, I was lacking practical knowledge. Peter O. van der Meer introduced me to the internship and after a short period of looking for sustainable startups, I found the perfect fit! At the moment, I’m doing a two-month internship at SunCycle. The company specializes in converting solar radiation into electrical and thermal comfort. The system is made of moulded plastic containers and is one of the most efficient solar energy systems available. It caught my attention because of the innovative concept and sustainability: there are only 20 solar cells in every module! I’m doing an 8-week research for the company. After a literature review, I picked out six smaller subjects to do research on. Every week, I finish one subject and hand it in. Even though I’m doing research, I still learn about the ins and outs of working at a young startup. I see what problems they encounter and that’s really informative. Eventually, I have to hand in a case study and give a presentation at SunCycle about my results to complete my internship. In the future, I want to help small startups to elaborate their concepts and introduce it to the market. If you’re looking for a clearer picture about entrepreneurship in a practical way, this internship is the ideal tool to choose! My internship at SunCycle gave me a more realistic view on entrepreneurship and owning a startup.”

At the end of the course, you have developed professional skills to do entrepreneurship-related work for the organization, you’re able to do an academic exploration of a problem encountered in practice and you can disseminate academic knowledge to third-parties by writing an educational case study on a start-up related topic. After the working period has ended, you have to hand in the internship portfolio to the internship coordinator.

If you’re looking for a startup, don’t forget to attend UtrechtInc’s Startup Stagemarkt on the 7th of December! Those who are looking for parttime jobs can attend the internship market as well. UtrechtInc focuses on scalable and innovative startups with specific consideration for climate, health and education. If you’re looking for internships, UtrechtInc is the ideal place to start! Read here more about starting companies of the incubator.

For this internship, a minimum of 90 ECTS is required, as well as some prior entrepreneurship and business education. Are you interested and ready to apply? Read here more about the internship and how to register!