Adelaide University Entrepreneurship Visit

Adelaide-UU group photo

This week the Utrecht University/ Adelaide University Summer School had its first episode. Students from Down Under worked on an entrepreneurial topic and presented their pitch to both their lecturers and a group of angel investors. Could this be the start of a new annual tradition? In any way the course Essentials of Business and Entrepreneurship (Osiris code EC2EBE2) will […]

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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Basis voor Duurzame Groei?

Tweedaagse Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy Ondernemerschap, vastgoed, financiers, arbeidsmarkt: vaak zijn het losse onderdelen in economisch beleid. In een ecosysteembenadering zijn die onderdelen juist op elkaar afgestemd. De ecosysteembenadering wint terrein maar roept ook vragen op. Die worden geadresseerd op 25-26 augustus 2015 tijdens de eerste Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Academy. De Academy vindt plaats in Utrecht, bij het Utrecht Center of Entrepreneurship. […]

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Eerste Reunie Honors classes Entrepreneurship


3 juni was er een eerste reünie Eerste Reunie Honors classes Entrepreneurship van de honors classes entrepreneurship die destijds gehouden zijn met steun van de Rabobank Utrecht in de jaren 2009-2012. Een paar enthousiaste alumni vonden het tijd voor een reünie en hebben een mooie avond voorbereid in de Botanische Tuinen van de Universiteit Utrecht. We hebben met deelnemers van […]

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Utrecht University Entrepreneurship Conference

Utrecht Schience Park

The last four years, Utrecht University has made substantial progress in becoming an (even more) entrepreneurial university. This includes an increase in the efforts to support entrepreneurship in teaching, research, and valorisation. The conference is to take stock of what has been achieved and to look forward. Target audience: deans and and directors, lecturers and researchers, students; all with an […]

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Financing Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands

Big news in De Volkskrant this weekend. The most leftist newspaper reported that in 2014 some 500 million worth of international investments was channeled to Dutch startups. Although much of that was in a small number of high-valued individual firms, still we are witnessing a financing revolution. And startups are politically becoming an important issue too. Recently, former European Competition […]

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Quantitative Easing: Will it Work?

“I will do whatever it takes”, these words resonate in the financial markets and, with the return of deflation, makes Quantitative Easing (QE) unavoidable. Will it work? That is the question that dominated the press and commentators on the Friday following the historic ECB press conference. Reading these comments, I miss two arguments that to my opinion will play an […]

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Entrepreneurship at the AEA

Entrepreneurship at the AEA Last week, I was lucky. Although much of my time at the American Economic Association (AEA) meeting in Boston was devoted to finding new professors for the many vacancies at the Utrecht School of Economics, careful planning made it possible to visit the central AEA session on entrepreneurship research. Clearly, entrepreneurship as a field is on […]

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