25 May 2016 - 08:00 AM

Feeling entrepreneurial? Want to know how to grow, we mean really GROW, your business? Growth master and 500Startups mentor Samir Patel will be on hand to share his knowledge.

Campus Party is for those with a deep drive to connect, create and grow teams, ideas and products into valuable propositions. The drivers can be very different among entrepreneurs ranging from helping people to making money, to having fun or simply connecting the dots to solve a puzzle.

Participants – called Campuseros – work together for five days, 24 hours a day, actively contributing to solutions for future challenges in workshops and hackathons. They are joined by organizations and individuals at the cutting edge of technology.

There will be thousands at Campus Party like you. Imagine the possibilities. Campus Party will help you meet the people you will work with and have fun with the rest of your lives.

To get a taste of the programme > check out the talks http://nl.campus-party.org/talks/entrepreneur-startupsand the challenges > http://nl.campus-party.org/challenges

There is a 360 start up programme  > http://nl.campus-party.org/program/startups

We don’t talk about the future. We build the future

Above all, Campus Party challenges talent to contribute to innovative solutions addressing the most important issues facing society now and in the future. The event’s motto is We don’t talk about the future. We build the future. Campus Party participants do a lot more than listen. They actively participate and work together with like-minded people. Campuseros will work on creative solutions for challenges presented by leading companies and organizations. They work on innovations in big data, sustainability, virtual reality, and the future of education and health care, but also on disruptive business models.

Get you ticket

Do you want to be part of the largest technological/social crossover event in the world with 5.000 other talents? Do you want to contribute to an innovative society? Do you want to participate in workshops, challenges and hackatons to come up with real solutions for a bright future? Do you want to broaden your network and to get in touch with start-ups, key-note speakers and leading companies?

Be part of Campus Party and get your ticket now! Buy your ticket using the code UU473CP and pay €50 instead of € 165 (that’s a 70% discount!).