Utrecht University offers many opportunities to step out of your major program and gain knowledge in another field of expertise. No other university in the Netherlands gives students this much space for going beyond the boundaries of the studies. Even though there is room for ‘shopping around’, not that many students actually use the opportunity. More than 60 percent of respondents of a survey by Stichting OER (that evaluates UU education) say they would rather follow out-of-major courses within their own faculty. In another part of the survey, students show the opposite opinion. Students do want to collaborate with students of different majors but just don’t seem to put their words into action.

UU students Economics

This is why the course Essentials of Entrepreneurship is a great opportunity to trigger interdisciplinary senses – it’s an introduction to entrepreneurship, covering all basics skills and working methods in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. Students enrolled in this course come from all corners of the University – from Health to Mathematics to Communications. The course involves working together in a team to create a startup idea. This enables students to look beyond their own expertise and combine this with that of others. The benefit of such teamwork is that ideas are more lively and multi-layered than would be in teams of same major students.

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The course will start in block 1 and 2, academic year 2017-2018.

SourceSurvey by Stichting OER