A message from Ukukhula

We’re looking for young people who want to start a business, but still lack a piece of the puzzle. Especially young people, aged 18 to 30, about to finish or having completed their higher education and consciously choosing the path of entrepreneurship. Of course, you can start your business on your own, but our program might be for you if you recognize any of these problems:

“I’d like to start a business, but …
• I have not yet found the right idea / gap in the market or opportunity. ”
• I do not have a product / service. ”
• I’m looking for a complementary partner / co-founder. ”
• I am still looking for financing. ”
• I do not know how to start a business. ”

We have an answer to all these challenges. In addition, we continue to coach and mentor you until you are successful. In addition, we use our proven successful accelerate program. In return, we do not ask for money, just a modest share of your company. So, your success is also our success.

In fact, we already have several new startups on the shelf just screaming to be picked up by clever and creative people with youthful energy.

Will you join us at the table? We are specifically looking for software developers, sales and marketing specialists, UX designers, designers (graphic and industrial), writers / bloggers and photographers.
We are also looking for scientists and researchers in the field of 3D printing, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, infinite computing, AI, robotics, and solar energy.

We love new projects! Let’s get started. We’ll guide you from dream to success. Please apply via ukukhula.nl.